Episode 250

EP 250 Transitioning to New Horizons: The 250th Episode

As we celebrate  our 250th episode we are exploring the theme of personal growth journeys. Sometimes in the process of our next level we outgrow certain aspects of our lives and have to clear space for change. 

With the milestone of the 250th episode, I have reached one of those pinnacles where it is time to leave my role of podcast host behind and instead lean into the mediums of writing and becoming a guest rather than a host. It is with a lot of gratitude, a little sadness and a whole lot of excitement that I share the final episode of this show.

The existing 250 episodes will live on, we will just no longer be adding new episodes. Here's to the growth and changes each of us embraces when we truly lean into the guidance of our heart and allow ourselves to shift in the next version of who we're meant to be. 

The show may be ending, but I would love to stay connected with you! Find me on LinkedIn or visit www.emergentwomencoaching.com/links to subscribe to our new newsletter-The Heart of It.

HeartConnect Thursdays will still be streamed live to LinkedIn and YouTube, so make sure you connect with us there.

With love, appreciation and fond farewell,

Dr. Alex

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