Episode 247

EP 247 Unearthing the Power of Your Story with Irene Sim

In this episode, Alex and the guest discuss the power of technology in connecting women worldwide. The guest shares her journey as an Asian immigrant woman in Australia, highlighting her experiences as the daughter of a single mother in Malaysia. They delve into the significance of storytelling and how personal backgrounds shape careers and identities. Join the conversation on embracing diversity and overcoming challenges as a minority in different cultures.

[00:00:40] Overcoming challenges as a minority.

[00:05:29] Overcoming bankruptcy and growth.

[00:09:24] Finding strength in challenging times.

[00:15:23] Shifting narrative around self-story.

[00:19:53] Reframing past experiences for growth.

[00:23:49] Society's conditioning on compassion.

[00:31:18] Embracing imperfection in perfection.

[00:34:30] Finding fulfillment in everyday life.

[00:36:47] Be, do, have.

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